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iOLAP was established in 2000 and over the last 20 years has grown into a leading end-to-end tech company. In 2022, we became a part of the Elixirr Group, a global consulting firm. We have a dynamic team of 180+ talented developers, data scientists, and designers who are determined to deliver top-notch solutions. Solutions happen by code, not by chance.
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We carry a passion for IT innovation and a motivation that enables us to surpass any challenge.
Chris Jordan, CEO

Our Drive is Analytics and Development

With a client-centric approach, we are focused on cutting-edge technologies to create solutions that bring efficiency, security, and scale to your business.

Our Method is Innovation

Focused on innovation and implementation of robust solutions to handle variety, velocity, and volume of data to be a leader.

Our Calling is Consulting

iOLAP provides leadership and guidance to keep you ahead of the competition.


Chris Jordan
Partner, CEO
Don Mettica
Craig Rich
Nick Larsen


Frisco, Texas

Founded in 2000, the Frisco HQ started as a core project office for our data and analytics projects and has expanded to a global hub for our evolving business. Today the office serves as our Global Customer base and supports North American development and project activities. At iOLAP we are committed to excellence and delivering exceptional solutions to every client. A relaxed working atmosphere that helps our team collaborate and innovate is something we cherish and continue to nurture.

Austin, Texas

The Austin, TX office consists of a tight-knit group focused on innovation and product incubation. The experts working out of these offices are dedicated to delivering excellence and thrive on complex business challenges that the market or our clients bring us. The city of Austin is thriving and so is the expertise and capability of our local team, which is always looking for the next challenge.

Rijeka, Croatia

The European HQ is located in Rijeka and was founded in 2011. The office started working as a development center that became a fully-functional business unit. Our customer centric approach is very evident throughout the halls of our EU office where our teams are hyper-focused on the success of every project and deliverable. Today, we support our global and regional clients from this office and expect continued growth across all business and service lines.
We continue delivering success to clients from around the world and from a variety of industry verticals, companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.

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