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Synapse deployment pipelines made simple(r)

Edo Terzić

Many teams currently wrestle with deployment systems that are anything but user-friendly.

Ivan Barac

User Experience (UX) principles form the bedrock of product designing.

Maja Perusic, Iain Hunter

In this post we look at turning Data Mesh theory into practice.

Maja Perusic, Iain Hunter

Data Mesh is an analytical data architecture and operating model where data is treated as a product and owned by teams that most intimately know and consume the data.

Davor Turkalj

Many of our clients, despite having invested in the latest tooling, built internal MS teams or secured a contract with a reputable 3rd party provider of IT MS, still suffer from performance issues and in many instances, have declined.

Mihaela Mihaljevic Jakic

OpenAPI is akin to a magical translator, turning RESTful HTTP API details into machine-readable scripts. Imagine a universal language, where neither humans nor machines require Sherlock Holmes-style investigations through source codes, documentation, or network traffic to understand an API.

Matea Mirosevic

Product Designers are dedicated to enhancing user experiences within their crafted solutions, concurrently ensuring products align with sustained business requisites over the long term.

Milan Blazevic

Machine learning models are deployed to solve specific problems or provide value in various applications, such as healthcare, finance, recommendation systems, and autonomous vehicles. In these scenarios, model performance directly impacts real-world outcomes.

Zlatan Arnautovic, Petar Belavic, Drazen Jurkovic

Explore the world of Agile coaching, including what it is, how it works, and why it is so important. We will also delve into why organizations need agile coaches and who benefits from their coaching.

Gordon Clark, Nasseer Slim

AWS’ biggest & best conference, held in the dry desert center of hedonism that is Las Vegas. Here’s our AWS Practice Lead’s tips on attending this year.

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