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There is a great chance your business is already collecting significant amounts of data from numerous sources, whether from transactions, apps, customer interactions or other sources. However, this data is most likely locked away in data silos or not used to its full potential. Using the power of Data & Analytics, you can gain insights to optimize operations, drive innovation and deliver value to your company and your clients. iOLAP leverages a wide array of Data & Analytics products and services to build scalable and secure modern analytics platforms ready to meet your future needs. Let us be your go-to partner. We are happy to engage in a single, multiple or all project phases.

Turn data you collect into a new business opportunity.

Utilize the untapped data you already have. Let your data talk to unlock the business value and transform your business.

Data Strategy

Laying down the groundwork by establishing a shared vision through strategy and solution architecture. Test hypotheses with very tangible POC/POV/Pilots.

Business Analysis

Making sure to capture your pain-points, needs & wishes and translating them into requirements.

Data Platforms

Leverage modern data platforms, regardless if on-prem, hybrid or cloud, as solid foundations for all you data engineering & analytics efforts.

Data Engineering

Collect, organize and analyze your data. Fuel faster and informed business decisions and strategies through data-driven insights.

Analytics & Innovation

Drive innovation by utilizing analytics to unlock the value of your data.

Managed Services

Let us operationalize your existing infrastructure and workloads, we manage, so you don't have to.

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For developers, that is probably making sure that the application or software that is delivered works as intended. To achieve that, there are a few issues that must be tested and handled before the release.
In this article we will first draw a direct line between Power BI’s feature set, and their Excel origins, as a way of explaining where your Excel-to-Power BI use cases begin.
Amazon Redshift, a fully managed cloud-based data warehousing service, offers a multitude of benefits for organizations seeking to harness the power of their data.

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