The Cloud: Booming Now or in Your Future.

Cloud computing is becoming an integral part of even large-scale enterprises because it allows your organization to scale with ease. You can pay for as much as you use whether it be processing, storage or other cloud services. The cloud also brings a high level of automation and security to tasks that in the past were not possible.

As with all technology there are many different cloud computing solutions and it can be daunting to figure out what exactly your company needs. Our Cloud experts can help you form a plan for your cloud implementation. If you are looking for expertise in cloud computing then we can help.

We are an authorized Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner.

We have partnered with Amazon to help with your cloud-based Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing requirements. As the creator of the world’s largest cloud computing platform, Amazon provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure environment for all types of enterprises.

We are experts in the Amazon architecture, including AWS, Amazon Redshift, Elastic MapReduce and RDS. With decades of experience, we also know how all these systems work with the leading ETL and Analytics tools. We can deliver assistance to provision your systems, prepare your environments, optimize performance, manage your solution, and provide ongoing knowledge transfer.

Whether you’re looking for a proof of concept to prototype new technologies or to migrate existing applications to the cloud, we are here to help. We are leaders in implementing the very popular new Data Warehouse platform, Amazon Redshift. Redshift is a ground-breaking new Data Warehousing environment that is changing the marketplace.

We offer full project engagement, which includes:

  • Preparation. Our team of cloud experts can help you determine the best path to success. We provide a comprehensive assessment of all key strategies and tactics when moving to the cloud. Our assessment includes cost-savings analyses, technical specifications and a recommended road map for your cloud deployment.
  • Deployment. We help ensure that your first cloud project is a success. We have custom-tailored Amazon Machine Instances (AMI) for most major data technologies, significantly reducing the time and risk of your deployment.
  • Support. We also offer a complete range of services to help manage and support your solutions. Take further advantage of the cloud’s cost-saving model by letting us provide technical expertise and personnel with as little or as much support as you need.
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