We Make Technology Work for You

Technology implementation is a big part of what we do. We use a wide range of systems, tools and products – in conjunction with our technology partners - to bring you the highest-quality solutions, on time and under budget.

We help our clients harness the power of all your strategic data projects by offering technology expertise in the following hardware and software areas:

  • Big Data: Accessing massive amount of structured and unstructured data for expanded data discovery and analytics.
  • Hadoop: New technology for storing and analyzing massive amounts of data.
  • Voice: Fundamentally change the way business users access information, collaborate, and participate in business processes.
  • Data Warehouse: Storing data in a central repository for fast and easy analysis and reporting.
  • Data Integration: Using extraction, transformation and loading to bring all of your data into one warehouse.
  • Reporting: Reporting systems and business analytics tools are where we turn your business data into action.
  • Dashboards: Dashboards and scorecards deliver visually compelling real-time insight into your enterprise’s key performance indicators.
  • Cloud: Providing cutting-edge applications in systems that take advantage of the low cost and secure off-site storage.
  • Mobile BI: Providing cutting-edge reporting and dashboards for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets wherever wireless networks are available.
  • Data Appliances: Overcoming the traditional challenges associated with large enterprise Big Data and Data Warehousing solutions.

Whatever your requirements may be, we deliver solutions and tools that give you the ability to turn business data into fuel that propels your company forward. We make the technology you need work for you.

Tool Advice

With knowledge and experience gathered from all leading Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing technology vendors, we can help match your unique requirements with the best hardware and software solutions. As a tool-neutral technology provider, we review a wide range of factors, including:

  • Initial and ongoing cost
  • Matching requirements to capabilities
  • Existing infrastructure and investments
  • Internal support team comfort and competence