Measure the Value of Your Data Solutions

Many companies have been quick to implement new Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions across their enterprise but have done little to track and measure the cost of implementing, managing and operating that solution.

Maybe you already have these types of systems working across your enterprise and you would like to see how much they cost versus how much they earn in competitive analytics. We can also measure that type of information. To measure the ROI, we first look at your complete system costs, including:

  • Software: Initial costs, maintenance and utilization
  • Hardware: Upgrade costs, maintenance and utilization
  • Infrastructure: Data center facilities, power, network and personnel
  • Support: Help desk and training

Then, we review your complete system’s current and potential value:

  • Strategic: What long-term advantage does the system provide?
  • Tactical: What daily and weekly benefits does the system enable?
  • Operational: What additional processes does the system support?

Finally, we provide you with a system scorecard that easily identifies and highlights the following conclusions:

  • Current costs: What your current system costs and the details behind that.
  • Future savings: Where opportunities exist to lower costs.
  • Current benefits: Where the system currently provides the most business value.
  • Culture value: Where the system has the biggest opportunities to provide more value.

Whether it's an end-to-end solution that we’ve designed or an objective assessment of an existing system, we take the actual annual cost of your solution and then measure that against your company’s perceived objective and subjective value of your solution. We believe that in order to truly determine the ROI and success of a system, you need to put pen to paper and be completely honest – and we know how to get you there.