Assessments Change Poor Performance into Real Value

Like most complex technology solutions, strategic data systems require ongoing review and improvement to ensure optimal return on your investment. Our assessment services get to the root of your problems and challenges.

Poor Performance

As your data sets grow, both your Data Integration and Reporting performance can begin to suffer. This is typically due to one of three things:

  • Data model: Poorly designed data structures are one of the biggest issues behind poor system performance.
  • Software configuration: Improperly configured software can also compound the performance issue.
  • Hardware sizing: Hardware upgrades and enhancement can be the simplest fix but also the most expensive.

Low System Usage

Systems can occasionally have adequate or average performance but experience lower-than-expected usage. This is typically related to one of the following areas:

  • Data quality issues: A lack of user confidence in the quality or reliability of the data within your system can hamper adoption and usage.
  • Usability issues: A system that is difficult or cumbersome to use will also limit success.
  • Business alignment issues: If your systems don’t focus on or contain the information that your business deems most valuable, the other issues don’t matter.

High Costs

As the use of strategic data and data platforms have become more prevalent at the enterprise level, the costs associated with developing and supporting those systems have exploded. For this issue, there are several areas to begin reviewing:

  • Poor process: Without good processes, any solutions will ultimately cost more to develop and support.
  • Poor resources: Data solutions require experienced developers and architects. Without experience, it is impossible to properly manage, measure and deliver a successful Big Data, BI or Data Warehouse solution.
  • Poor technology: There are plenty of good technology solutions available but also numerous options that are less than ideal. Cost does not always indicate the quality or capability of a technology option.