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With every solution we design, we gain new perspectives and insight into some of the biggest business and IT challenges facing companies today. We strive to develop and evolve forward-thinking answers to these challenges. Our Resource Library is a reflection of the best practices, expertise and collective knowledge we have gleaned over the last decade. We hope you find it enlightening and engaging.

White Papers

Download our SAP HANA whitepaper to learn more about, how SAP HANA database performs compared to MS SQL Server relational database, Amazon Redshift columnar database and it’s federation capabilities.

Download our Netezza Managed Service Brochure and learn more about how we can help ensure your system delivers the best speed and performance possible.

The Cloud Is Now: Helping You Make Sense Of It All
Find out about the approaches, business advantages and leaders in our first-in-series article.

The first step to having a successful Business Intelligence solution is selecting a vendor that
is able to deliver and develop high-quality solutions at a lower cost.

Mobile BI can enhance business effectiveness in many ways, including overall enterprise performance, customer service and a broad range of operations. Download iOLAP’s latest white paper now to find out more.