FRISCO, TX and JACKSONVILLE, FL— iOLAP, a global provider of consulting, technology and analytics services and Sage Solutions Consulting (Sage), a leading provider of IT Solutions with a strong practice in SAP security, identity management, governance risk and compliance (GRC), and reporting today announced a new strategic partnership. The partnership will combine iOLAP’s expertise in Big Data and Analytics with Sage’s strong SAP practice to deliver solutions focused on cutting edge Big Data, Analytics and IoT use cases.

Ever increasing volumes of data and data security considerations are without doubt two of the biggest topics facing organizations today. Securing critical data assets is top of mind given the constant stream of news detailing the latest data breach. As are market pressures to find new and innovative ways to leverage Big Data for competitive and financial advantage. This partnership will provide both Sage and iOLAP’s customers the ability to take full advantage of each company’s long history and successes in their respective areas of expertise. Customers should expect frictionless end-to-end service and secure, reliable data systems as a result of the partnership.

iOLAP and Sage Solutions Consulting (Sage) are dedicated to solving real world problems for customers – not creating new problems that can arise when engaging two companies that aren’t closely aligned to develop complex solutions.

Partnering with Sage Solutions Consulting allows iOLAP to provide our clients with world-class data solutions built from the ground up to ensure excellent security as well as audit compliance. With many of Sage’s teams having worked on some of the most secure platforms and projects around, and their track record of successful implementation, we have no doubt that this partnership will provide significant value for all of our customers. Chris Jordan, President, iOLAP

iOLAP brings innovative thought leadership, experience and best in the business talent to the table when it comes to Data and Analytics. Big Data is a game changer for all of our clients and our partnership with iOLAP will help our customers transform their businesses proactively through data-driven decision making. Hugh Jetha, CEO, SSC

Currently iOLAP and Sage Solutions Consulting (Sage) provide some of the nation’s largest companies with forward-thinking strategies and implementations focused on data-driven innovation and transformation. Both companies work with customers tomake the most of investments in technologies such as Hadoop, Amazon Web Services, and IoT sensor systems.  The end result of these efforts will lead customers away from costly, monolithic data architectures that are difficult maintain and into modern, resilient, and expandable platforms that can provide a foundation for the next generation of data based innovation.

About Sage Consulting Services

Sage Solutions Consulting (Sage), provides a range of IT consulting services with a key focus on SAP solutions. They are specifically well versed in Security:  Identity Management, GRC, SSO, and security assessments. Over the last 15 years, they have provided certified SAP consulting services to a range of industry leading Fortune 500/1000 and public sector businesses.  In addition, Sage leverages their key partnerships to provide an advanced 360-degree security solution that monitors, collects, and responds to (external and internal) threat intelligence data in real time. Their seasoned resources can successfully and securely integrate customer’s business processes by leveraging their experience and partnerships. To learn more about Sage Solutions Consulting, please visit

About iOLAP

iOLAP, Inc. is a strategic data consultancy specializing in Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) strategy and solutions. They are completely focused on these markets and bring a client-centric and business-focused perspective to all of their engagements. iOLAP has been in business since 1999 with in-depth expertise across all EDW and BI technology areas, including the newest leading-edge Advanced Analytics, Data Visualization and Big Data architectures. They serve some of the world’s largest companies across all major industries. While other consultants are still trying to figure it out, iOLAP has already delivered results, thanks to better people, strategy, delivery practices and methodology. Visit them online at