Better Practices Equal Better Solutions

To support your project deliverables, we structure our project teams around four primary Practice Areas. Each Practice Area has its own set of proven skills, processes and quality standards that collectively work to deliver a single cohesive and highly integrated solution.

Practice Areas

If you asked our customers to pick one thing that differentiates our solution from the competition, the unanimous response would be the quality of our Data Architects. They work closely with your end users and IT teams to ensure your solution meets the unique needs and challenges of your business. Our Data Architects have the experience and skills to design a data model that is scalable, extensive and tuned to your selected technologies.

Data Integration
Typically the data collected from across your enterprise is not in a single, consolidated location. And it’s almost never easily connected to provide an integrated view of your business and customers. Our Data Integration and ETL team solves that challenge.

The goal of any strategic data initiative is to get the right data to the right people when they need it. Our Reporting team is experienced on all the leading software platforms and works closely with the other teams to ensure your reporting solution provides high user satisfaction, high query performance and, most important, high business value. From self-service reporting portals to advanced analytics and executive dashboards, we deliver the world-class reporting and analytics solutions you need.

Data Management
Our Data Management team ensures that the most critical part of any system – the data – is properly managed and deployed. From data quality and master data management to advanced data appliances and traditional database administration, we ensure your data systems are properly configured, implemented and managed.

Schema Options

Whether you decide to build a star or snowflake dimensional model, the decision depends entirely on the Business Intelligence tools you intend to use to access the model. We ensure you get it right from the start and avoid costly re-engineering later on.