Life-Cycle Development Optimized for Big Data and Business Intelligence Success

Because we have focused solely on Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing spanning over the last three decades, we have proven and refined consulting and project life-cycle methodologies.

Our methodology helps us and you manage, measure and monitor your strategic data projects. Your deliverables are on time and under budget through every part of the project life cycle, using the following 5-step process:

Each phase within the project has numerous project milestones and deliverable. While every project will not require all the same components, our proven process enables highly consistent and repeatable success.

The final output of this proven methodology is what we call the Delivery Book. This is a single consolidated view of your entire solution, ensuring you have full and complete knowledge of your system, captured within an easily accessed reference guide. Examples of the materials include:

  • Logical and Physical Data Models
  • Source to Target Data Mappings
  • Reporting and Object Catalog
  • System Architecture Guide
  • System Run and Recovery Book
  • Learn how to access new tools and resources
  • Complimentary Lunch for all attendees