Our Expertise Drives Our Solutions

Every solution we design begins with our people. Our solutions experts are certified across most of the hardware and software that our technology partners deliver. Our teams have an intimate knowledge of all things related to your data strategies, which gives us the ability to deliver the best in:

Our customers consistently tell us that our people are the biggest differentiators between our competitors and us.

iOLAP’s employees were the one thing that I really valued most. The hard part about being in my situation – especially for somebody like me, a very hands-on technology guy – is that I understand the issues but I didn’t have the staff to rely on. We were very limited. But iOLAP’s experts resolved every single issue and filled that gap. It was a big relief!
Leif Knutson, Bank of America

One of the things I did with iOLAP and Mark Steen was to decide how to tackle some of our operational challenges. Another aspect was learning how I deal with work and how I prioritize it. Mark really helped me figure out a lot of that stuff.
Phil Holt, AT&T