iOLAP: Focused on Big Data and Business Intelligence

The problem isn’t generating the data for your business, it’s integrating and accessing the data in order to take meaningful action. So how do you harness this untapped resource within your enterprise and convert it into important, actionable information?

The answer is iOLAP. Our mission is to increase the profitability of your company by delivering Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions and technologies. Our consultants leverage their extensive knowledge of related technologies and methodologies to quickly develop and implement high-quality and lower-cost solutions.

Our focus on Big Data and Business Intelligence gives us a powerful and unique ability to provide your own teams with professional services experience and practical skills that are hard to find in today’s workplace. Our specialists quickly become respected and valued team members—ones who contribute professionally and are able to adapt to your needs and priorities. They form a close partnership with your teams and motivate everyone to achieve your strategic data goals in the most effective manner.

We deliver complete solutions or laser-focus on challenges that are very specific and narrow in scope. We help design and implement cost-effective solutions based on your strategic needs. Once deployed, we work closely with you to monitor results to ensure that business processes were improved and business goals were met or exceeded. To achieve this end result, we offer a full line of services from assessments and roadmaps to modeling, reporting and data integration best practices. Need a proof of concept? Let’s do one together.

Here’s what makes us unique:

  • Management: We bring a winning combination of expertise, experience, leadership and vision to our strategic data solutions.
  • Methodology: We use our decades of experience to help you build, manage, measure and monitor your data systems.
  • Practices: Our best practices include strategies and architectures for Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Integration and Reporting.
  • Partnerships: We partner with the leading technology vendors in order to bring you the most complete and up-to-date best practices and knowledge transfer.
  • Experts: Our experts are certified on all major hardware and software platforms that our customers need and use.
  • Customers: Spanning a broad range of industries and business models, our clients rely on us to design and implement custom solutions.

Unlike software and hardware vendors, we match you with the product that best fits your needs because we sell success, not software. Whatever your platform, we will make it happen.